Meine Nagellacke

Hier möchte ich euch einen Einblick in meine mittlerweile immer größer werdende Nagellacksammlung gewähren. Ich habe sie hier nach Marken sortiert. Falls ich sie euch schon einmal Solo gezeigt habe, habe ich sie zu dem jeweiligen Beitrag verlinkt.
Ich bewahre meine Nagellacke übrigens nicht in einem Regal auf, sondern in Kisten um sie vor Sonne und starken Temperaturschwankungen zu schützen, auf dass sie hoffentlich lange leben.


In Robe and Crown
Lady of the Lake


Bubble Mint
Glammy Cotton Candy
Ice Ice Baby
Like Ice in the Sunshine
Lilac Bash
Miami Nice

Born Pretty

All Embracing
Medusa’s Eye
Rose in Peril
Shallow Love


Chrome Infusion 04 Unexpected Red

Fashion ICONails C08 Nude Attitude
Fashion ICONails C09 Lust Have

ICONails Brown Collection 03 Goddess of Bronze
ICONails Brown Collection 04 Unmistakable Style

ICONails Gel Lacquer 03 Caught on the red carpet
ICONails Gel Lacquer 11 Go for Gold!
ICONails Gel Lacquer 15 Milky Bay
ICONails Gel Lacquer 16 Cloud Nine
ICONails Gel Lacquer 18 Beetlejuice
ICONails Gel Lacquer 20 Black to the Routes
ICONails Gel Lacquer 25 The sandy shop

ICONails Gel Lacquer 34 For the berry first time!
ICONails Gel Lacquer 43 Monkey Donkey

ICONails Gel Lacquer Gold Effect 07 Lustrous Seduction

Luxury Lacquers 04 Lost’N Roses

Pulse of Purism C01 Pure Blues

Spectra Lights 03 Irregular Galaxies

Treasure Trove C04 Treasured Twinkles

Ultimate Nail LACQUER 01 Fuchsiarama
Ultimate Nail LACQUER 121 Plump Around
Ultimate Nail LACQUER 130 Lucky in Lilac

Victorian Poetry C02 Poetic Pink

Cirque Colors

Acid Wash


ColorPlay 26

Edding L.A.Q.U.E.

baby boom
bright burgundy
efficient emerald
greedy grey
inspiring ivory
naughty nuggets
plain powderblue
rosy rosewood
self-confident silver


Colour & Care 03 happy nails

Colour & Go 108 ultimate pink
Colour & Go 129 the boy next door

Cosmic Lights 05 up to the sky

Exit to Explore 01 Liana in the Jungle
Exit to Explore 04 Pink Parrot

Glamaxy Topcoat 34 glamaxy far, far away

Lights of Orient 03 princess jasmines choice

Metallics 01 Iron Goddess

Midnight Masquerade 01 meet me midnight

Nail Art Special Effect! Topper 20 the bees and the birds
Nail Art Special Effect! Topper 21 get the party started

Out of Space Stories 05 intergalactic adventure

Shine last & go! 18 hakuna matata
Shine last & go! 19 that’s the spirit

Summer Fun 02 shine brighter than the sun

The Gel Nail Polish 10 true love
The Gel Nail Polish 13 forgive me
The Gel Nail Polish 21 a whisper of spring
The Gel Nail Polish 29 #paradise
The Gel Nail Polish 33 wild white ways
The Gel Nail Polish 40 play with my mint
The Gel Nail Polish 49 turn the lights on!
The Gel Nail Polish 51 miss captain
The Gel Nail Polish 56 you and me?
The Gel Nail Polish 67 love me like you do
The Gel Nail Polish 70 grey zone
The Gel Nail Polish 73 more than a feeling
The Gel Nail Polish 87 gossip girl
The Gel Nail Polish 106 loyal royal

The Little X-Mas Factory 01 i still believe in santa claus

The Little X-Mas Factory 04 meet me under the mistletoe

Winter Glow 01 miss frost


A List
Bahama Mama
Big Spender
Cocktail Bling
Coming Together
Don’t hate, curate
In the mood ring
Just the way you arctic
Mrs Always Right
New year, new hue
Not just a pretty face
Party on a Platform
Passport to Happiness
Satin Sister
Sights on Nightlights
Stones n’roses
Wire-less is More


Argent Lilac
Foil Blush
Space Race





Juliana Nails

Berry in Love
Deep in my Heart
Kiss of a Pearl
Lovely Hazelnut
Metallic Queen
Mystic Plum
Purple Blush

Gel Effect Candy Pink


Glossy Nail Lacquer 709

Holographic Nail Lacquer 005

Smart Fast Dry 096


LOVinity Holographic Nail Lacquer 420 Deep Illusionist
LOVinity Holographic Nail Lacquer 430 Iridescent Aura


224 Rose Ballet


Lotus Effect 03


Andromeda’s Nebula
Curly Kale
Dogwood Flower
Fantasy Wood
Mint Breeze
Siberian Iris
The Universe


Color Show 20 Blush Berry


Smoothie Nail Polish Kiwi Bomb
Smoothie Nail Polish Sweet Blackberry
Smoothie Nail Polish Yummy Cherry

Speed Dry Nailpolish Flirt Around
Speed Dry Nailpolish Love Always!
Speed Dry Nailpolish Perfect Match
Speed Dry Nailpolish Sweetie Pie


008 LS
014 LS


All about berries 050 grape passion
All about berries 060 blueberry passion
All about berries 070 blackberry passion
All about berries 080 plum passion

Color Victim 147 perfectly
Color Victim 207 stormy
Color Victim 545 just need style!
Color Victim 690 forever
Color Victim 700 rich & royal
Color Victim 900 next exit party!

Easy Gel 010 exquisite grey

Fabulous Beauty Gala 040 desirable blue

Last Forever 072 heartbreaker
Last Forever 190 hold me tight!

Nail Foundation 010 nude

Nude Benefit 050 shopping with the Girls

Sand Style 060 strict

Satin Supreme 080 lofty style

Techno Chrome 030 bronze cut

Volume Gloss 023 dancing ballerina
Volume Gloss 230 lovely daughter
Volume Gloss 610 clue mapper
Volume Gloss 650 caregiver
Volume Gloss 720 score keeper

Painted Polish by Lexi

Glass Slipper Showdown

Picture Polish


Sally Hansen

Color Therapy 390 Slicks and Stones

Complete Salon Manicure 160 Shell We Dance

Trend it Up

Dazzling Dust 020
Dazzling Dust 050
Dazzling Dust 060

Double Volume & Shine 030
Double Volume & Shine 080
Double Volume & Shine 270

Porcelain 020

Touch of Satin 010
Touch of Satin 040


Nr. 17

Anzahl Nagellacke insgesamt: 190


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